Our Church History

Our Church History
In 1893, a group of Christians who held ideals such as: believers baptism by submersion, local church autonomy and the priesthood of the believer, gathered together and organized the First Baptist Church in the City of Englewood New Jersey. Included among the organizers were the Harris, Zimmerman, and Butts families. The record shows a struggling history, a handful of people carrying on in the early days of incorporation. By 1903 there is a marked improvement shown in the work of the group, they moved from a tent to a house and later erected a church building at 61 William Street. In the wake of Urban Redevelopment First Baptist relocated from 61 William Street to its present location at 351 Englewood Avenue in 1963.
First Baptist Church has been blessed by God with Pastors who were Great Leaders:
  • 1893: Rev. Brooks, an organizer
  • Circa 1903 – 1932: Rev. Wilson
  • 1932-1948 Rev. C. H. Pearson
  • 1948-1993 Dr. J. Isaiah Goodman
  •                                            1993–2017 Dr. John H. Spencer, Jr.
Under the leadership of its Pastors, First Baptist Church has played a significant role in the city of Englewood, Bergen County, the nation and the world at large as an advocate for civil rights, equality, justice, economic opportunity, and salvation in Jesus Christ for all people. Under the leadership and vision of Rev. Dr. J. Isaiah Goodman, the current church edifice was developed and erected and many major accomplishments achieved.
     Under the leadership of Rev. John H. Spencer, Jr., First Baptist Church continues to serve a beacon light of salvation and hope in sin sick and evil world. First Baptist continues of its historic tradition of bible based spiritual training for it members with a strong Christian Education Department featuring a vibrant Christian Academy for all ages and a comprehensive DiscipleMakers course of Bible Study. First Baptist continues to be an advocate for peace, justice, fairness and economic development for those who are marginalized by our society
          In the aftermath of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. We continue to grieve with the families that lost loved ones and we seek to develop new ministries to meet the evolving needs of humanity. As we forge forward, let us remember the faith and courage of the Christian families that brought, First Baptist Church, through previous years of war, past periods of economic depression, and years of social unrest. We must not only maintain, but we must intensify the Christian resolve of our predecessors to oppose, defeat and overcome evil. Let us be true to our legacy of faith and as we move toward becoming a church of Disciples of Jesus Christ. God has called us to be a loving family, of Disciples of Jesus Christ who live our lives for Christ by letting Him live in us to achieve His goals of transforming evil into good, pain into wellness, and death into new life for our community, city, state, nation, and the entire world. A great History becomes a Great Future when Ordinary People attempt Great things for the Lord.”